Electrical Requirements 12 Volt DC Input
Load Capacities 11000Lbs.(Rolling)
Power In and Out Capability Yes
Wire Rope 5.5mm x9.2m
Battery Cable Lengths 25Ft.
Remote Cable Length 10Ft.
Main Hook Size 5/8" Opening x4-1/4" Long
NW/GW 17KG/18.5KG

Electric winch with permanent magnetic motor

Model Capcity Power Steel cable Size (L X W X H) NW
LD3500-B 3500LB DC12V F5.5mm X 11.2m 240 X 240X 210mm 17KG

Pull, Speed, Amperes, Volts (First Layer)

Line Pull (lbs./ kg) Line Speed FPM(m/min) Motor (Amps)
0 19.6ft (6.0m) 5
500 (227) 16.3ft (5.0m) 10
1,000 (454) 14.7ft (4.5m) 20
2000 (907) 13.0ft (4.0m) 23
3000 (1361) 12.0ft (3.7m) 26
3500 (1591) 11.1ft (3.4m) 30

Line Pull And Rope Capacity In Layer

Layer Rated Line Pull (lbs./kgs) Tatal Rope On Drum (ft/m )
1 3500 (1587) 4.9 (1.5)
2 3095 (1400) 11.4 (3.5)
3 2445 (1100) 19.6 (6.0)
4 2140 (970) 29.4 (9.0)
5 1910 (865) 36.6 (11.2)


  • 便携,有一个可折叠的提手柄和快装板。
  • 电动进退双向功能(Power in and Power out)。
  • 配备附件:带有断路器和插头的电源线;带有防水插头的长距离线控手柄;30英尺带有挂钩的航空钢丝绳;与拖车相配的快装底座;应急用转臂手柄和可调离合器。
  • 绞盘产品严禁用来提升或载人;
  • 不要在满载下连续工作超过一分钟,以免电机烧坏;
  • 在电机工作过热时,请让电机冷却后再继续进行作业;
  • 建议在负荷超过60%标定拉力时使用动滑轮;
  • 有限的产品保质期。

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下载K3500P电动绞盘用户手册,12 Volt 3500lb. Electric Trailer Winch(Power in & Power out)Assembly and Operating Instructions



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