Quick Reference Charts

General Towing Charts
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How Much Can I Tow? How Much Can I Tow?
Guidelines for maximum weight by cross referencing Gross Trailer Weight, Tongue Weight, Trailer Type and Class Hitch.
Hitch Selection Guide Hitch Selection Guide
This chart helps you select the right class of trailer hitch for your vehicle, by vehicle and trailer type.
Trailer Weights Trailer Weights
Average weights for various trailer types. Remember to add your trailer's cargo weight and the towing vehicle weight to these averages to determine your Total Weight.


Electrical Diagrams & Illustrations
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Wiring Harness Location Guide Wiring Harness Location Guide
Where is your wiring harness located in your vehicle? Find out here.
Wiring Plug Diagram Wiring Plug Diagram
A helpful chart and wire color key displaying the position of the various power supplies on your car and trailer wiring plugs. Covers 4 & 5 way flat, 4 & 6 way round, 7-way RV blade style, and 7-way pin style plugs.

Slice-In Wiring Selector

Splice-In Wiring Selector
A helpful flowchart to determine which splice-in connector is to be used for applications that do not have a T-Connector available.


Ball Mount Diagrams & Terminology
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Ball Mount Terminology Ball Mount Terminology
Identifies where to measure the rise, drop, hole size and length on a typical ball mount.
Ball Mount in the Towing Setup Ball Mount in the Towing Setup
Diagram shows a side view of a ball mount and where it is placed in relation to the receiver tube, vehicle and the trailer.
Calculating Ball Mount Drop Calculating Ball Mount Drop
Step by step instructions to help determine what size drop or rise you need for your ball mount.


Receiver Hitch Diagram
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Receiver Hitch Classes Receiver Hitch Classes & Specs
Quick glance chart shows the GTW, TW and receiver tube size of the various hitch classes.


Weight Distribution Diagrams
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Tongue Weight Diagram Tongue Weight Diagram
How to use a bathroom scale to measure the tongue weight of your trailer.
General Weight Distribution Illustration General Weight Distribution Illustration
A simple graphic illustration of a towing setup with and without a weight distribution hitch.